Phanta 5" -- Micro 5"?

Phanta - The ghost quad. Small, powerful, you won't believe it's in the air. 

I wanted to make the smallest 5" quad that I could (and I'm experimenting with smaller ones too!), so obviously using 20x20mm components was the way to go. I specifically wanted to use the Furious FPV Piko F4 flight controller and the Hyperlite 2204 2700kv motors to make the fastest quad possible. 

Many, many designs were drafted. True X, stretched. Thin wide arms, or thicker, smaller ones. 4 motor mounting holes, maybe 3? 


I eventually ended with two, because that's all you should need. This does meet that the larger motors could snap the arms if you're not careful. I was willing to sacrifice this for the standard 22xx motor mounting pattern. 

So take flight, race, and your opponents won't even see that you're there. 


Assembly + Maiden